Sonic the Hedgehog:TELETUBBIES! was a shame for Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo(and got a cancled remake planned for the Sega Baconcast).The game was released in Januarary 15,2001.Due to the game,Teletubbies show was canceled.It is rated E,not E10+,T,M or AO.


Every Sonic character was watching Teletubbies.And they liked it until they found out the Teletubbies were EVIL!!!!!!So they had to start a fight with the Teletubbies.




A+A=Double jump

A+A+A=Triple jump

A+A+A+A=Quadrple jump

A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A=Over 9000-ple jump


B+B=Double attack

B+B+B=Triple attack

B+B+B+B=Quadrple attack

B+B+B+B+B+B+B+B+B+B=Over 9000-ple attack

A+B=Jump Attack/Spin Dash

B+A=Attack Jump/Deluxe attack

C=Dance (only Amy can use this!!!)

C+C=Double dance

C+C+C=Triple dance

C+C+C+C=Quadrple dance

C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C+C=Over 9000-ple dance

X=Punch (only Knuckles can use this!!!)

X+X=Double punch

X+X+X=Triple punch

X+X+X+X=Quadrple punch

X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+=Over 9000-ple punch

Y=Chaos control (only Shadow can use this!!!)

Y+Y=Double chaos control

Y+Y+Y=Triple chaos control

Y+Y+Y+Y=Quadrple chaos control

Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+Y=Over 9000-ple chaos control




X=Punch (only knuckles can use that.)

Y=Chaos control (only shadow can use that.)


  1. Sonic
  2. Tails (not playable,only seen in cutscenes.)
  3. Knuckles
  4. Shadow
  5. Amy (only on the Genesis version.)

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