After the Great War of Nintendo and SEGA

"Thank the lord above that he died. Amen." "Yes, it is great that this Unholy OP Hedgehog is Dead."

-Mario, Miyamoto, Mr. Samurai, and Other NintenDon't/NintenFuckers allies/employees after the Great War Of SegaBitches and NintenBitches

Sonic is a hopelessly overpowered blue hedgehog. He obviously doesn't realize he's a hedgehog. The SegaBitches needed somebody to fight the oppressive Nintendon't/NintenBitches and their Soviet Mario(and allie group HalBitches). Sonic died dramatically, and SegaBitches was killed. Dead. Anyway, it all fell to pieces and Miyamoto and Mr. Samurai/Sakurai/Sakurevil laughed at its flaming remains. And stamped on them. I'm getting rather good at these dramatic sentences, aren't I?

He had a band called Sonic Underground..... cough.... that sucks pinecones...... cough...

He also has another show called Sonic Xxx that actually has a fanbase cough because it's porn cough

Sonic best game was Sonic Roadkill where you could run him over. Jejejejeje!

Sonic and tails forcing cigars up Grounder's mouth.

You're too slow! Way past cool! That's no good! However after a ladybug killed Luigi and he was reincarnated as Weegee Sonic got reincarnated into Soneck who got revenge on Mario and has had a rivalry with Weegee ever since. FUCK SHIT PISS BITCH NUDITY

He also has appeared in Super Smash Brothers as a punching bag.