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Oh em gee, the representative of drugs now has the floor...

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When Silver goes Hyper.....this s3xy abomination is created!

Silver The HedgehogEdit

Silver is Sonic and Shadow's little brother. The thing is, he is white. (And yet SEGA made him an idiot. Racism, much?) SEGAmanz aren't original anymore, durr hurr! AND HE FLIES WITH A BLUE-ISH GREEN-ISH AURA! LESGASP! He secretly does a lot of drugs becuase of depression.(hence the fact that he looks like a potleaf) He is also the girlfriend of Hurpty Durpty, but since Hurpty Durpty looked at him in the eyes, he became Hurpty Durpty and was 2x a retard and made Hurpty live a retarded life, so Hurpty is mad at Silver for no reason.


Well, it went like this:

He played Sonic 06, and he became SO stupid(due to the evil brainwashing of the game that only affects Idiot hedgehogs who always say "IT'S NO USE!") that he went crazy and kissed Eggman's @$$ whenever the loading screen came up(which happened VERY often) and became really idiotic because he never went to school and is currently in hiding(due to insanity and crap)in some secret base in the middle of nowhere.

Rise to King of the IdiotsEdit

Well, it went like this:

(No... must... not... give... up...)

Basically, Silver went on and found that he was a descendant from Idiotland (neighbours of Foolsville and Retard City, twinned with Beijing), so he made Sonic give him a piggyback there and used his UBAH PSYCHIC POWAHS to kill everybody in there. He then commissioned the new Sonic the Hedgehog, which goes to show, like subjects, like ruler. WE DID NOT START THE FIRE! He also later became The Second King Of The Retards due to turning into a clone of Hurpty Durpty.