Rouge is the king of pinatas!

She is a wierd bat, so IDK. Who would fancy a bat? Me(can't eat a whole one tho.)!

Her power level is known to be Under 10<breaks power level detector>!!!!!!

What, 9000!? I hear you say.

Well, she can talk, walk and fly, which all bats can't do, apart from walking and flying.

Blimey what a waste of space! I should have put that she can talk, which other bats can't, eh?

Rouge's statsEdit

Avaliability (rowr): maximum, single, whatever.

Power level: see above, as in OVER 9000!!!!!!

HAWTnez: enough to blow your mind, baby.

Sex Factor: well over maximum, over 9000, again. Now I see why this number is such a cliche.

Rouge's message (she actually asked me to type this, HELL YEAH!)Edit

Come over to my house! I bet you're all fun guys! I live in Mobius, so you might not be able to find me, but <seductively smiles and winks, I faint with happiness> you're welcome to try.

Other fact about Rouge:Edit

She will eat you. Roflmaolmaolmaoroflrofllolololololololololololololololroflmfao you knew this was coming!!!!!!!!! ha.