PETA is a creepy group thing that makes shitloads of porn. Literally.

The Logo Of The Deceased Group Known As PETA.


Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus fused together and created PETA. Than PETA made creepy things called stuff like "Super Tofu Boy" and "Pokémon Black And Blue". And someone shook their @$$(the way to kill Miley and JB) in front of Miley and JB, and defeated the evil group PETA.


Back in the 1200's, PETA had a huge rivalry with SegaBitches Leader. SegaBitches Leader made much better porn, so PETA was less known for their porn after she beat PETA.


There is rumors that Dr. Fat @$$ Fvck B*tch Thing has revived PETA so he can take over the world using epic porn vids.


PETA's ally is PETA.

PETA fvcking sucks.

PETA makes terrible knock-offs of games.

If you see PETA, go barf in the toilet in the Secret Base In The Middle Of Nowhere IMMEADEATLY!