Mr. Samurai is the evil man who created Suhper Smush Putatues and Careby.

During The War Of Nintendo And SegaEdit

He was commander of the NintenBitch army against the SegaBitch army. He also lead an ally of NintenBitch called HalBitch. At the end of the war, he laughed at the nearly killed remains of SegaBitch and it's Zombie Mutant Hedgehog things.


Mr. Samurai is an evil man who's dad is Shigeru Miyamoto. And he posseses Demon Powers that can kill even CHUCK NORRIS IN ONE HIT! Mr. Samurai is the most evilest(and powerfulest) thing alive.


He is an Evil Demon Bitch Thing that can kill ANYONE(even Chuck Norris and his Father, Miyamoto)!

He also likes Careby. Not Fartio.

(LEAKED SECRET!) He has a huge secret that he likes Teletubbies.