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Knuckles, or Knux, is a weird sort of retarded hedgehog... I guess Sega was running out of rubbish... I mean ideas.

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Knuckles' Purpose in LifeEdit

Eating you, obviously. And your mom. While high as hell.

Another Thing About KnucklesEdit

His hands are stupid too. He is red. I mean, what is it about red!? It's Gothic and girly!

Anyway, hem hem... Knuckles has been on a lot of adventures with Sonic, including saving a chili dog, which was last seen running from a ravenous Sonic. Then started a miraculous display of retardedness the food chain...

Sonic eats chili dog.

Knuckles eats Sonic, obviously.

Tails grows a big gob and eat Knuckles (Knuckles has got one already, so no probs' there!).

Shadow eats Tails.

Chili dog eats Xi Jinping. (Finally, China is breaking free of communism. Yay!)

Sonic eats chili dog.

I eat Knuckles.

You eat Tails.

A chav eats you. (What a way to go!)

A mosher injures the chav and leaves him for dead. Not even rats will eat this kind of rubbish, so the chav is left.

Knuckles eats chav.

And so on and so forth until there is just me and a dead chav. BTW, not even bacteria will eat the stinky chav, so it stays fresh forever... until it gets eaten by Knuckles.

Hang on... is that Knuckles? Oh god...


Now you are probably thinking, "OMGWTF Sonic is eaten then eats chili dog!!!!!!! OMG!!!!" or "Knux gets eaten twice OMG u r such a n00b!!!!!" But my answer is...

Wait for it...

"Shut the hell up!"

Also, how Sonic and Knuckles were able to eat after being eaten? You don't wanna know.