Hurpty Durpty wants to say hi to you without having to open his mouth and send you to hvll with it. Also, if you look at him you turn into him.


He went to Durp School where everyone learned to be durpy, and also met Shigeru Miyamoto and Silver(now Hurpty Durpty No. 2). Than later he taught his kids and people. Years Later, he was about to kiss his girlfriend(Silver The Hedgehog), but accidentaly looked at her eyes and turned her into him, than he lived a sad/retarded life.


Hurpty Durpty is one of the few people to know the Fighting Style of Pingas.

His girlfriend was Silver.

He makes a short appearance in Sonic Durp Venture, where he appears in the credits.

He was one of the former hiders in Some Secret Base In The Middle Of Nowhere.