WikiFadi, otherwise known as Andrew G. Shadda (G stands for gay), is a 15-year-old arabian kid that always meddles around Skype, trying to piss people off. One of his many tactics is selflessly building large-scale models of penises on the game Minecraft, created by Mojang. He does this for his own sexual benefit, and we always rage like tryhards at him after he finishes doing so. His interests include penises. That is all.

He also likes exploding things, but that's only on video games. And who plays video games anymore these days, right, kids?

Fadi has habits of claiming that he is IRL girlfriends with "big tits." None of us believe him, because we actually have sanity, so he goes off an explodes in the corner. If you know what I mean.

He is also very associated with the KKK; which stands for the Krusty Krab Krew. He enjoys putting meat into buns, if you know what I mean.

Another fun fact about Fadi is that he enjoys pleasuring himself while he listens to his retarded friend Ben have sexual inuendo with his girlfriend Jackie. He claims he got the "white screen of death."

He is a racist person that makes a rude remark whenever he hears the word of a color of white or black. He will giggle silently, and repeat the word, often causing his half-asian friend Caine to rage at him heavily, along with everyone else.

What else there is to say, I do not know, other than the fact that he pulled a Tyler on Hannah. True story.