Bold text Eggman is the most fattest dude ever. He likes Knuckles, Sonic, you, me, Rouge, emos, and cheese.

Humpty Dumpty Conspiracy TheoryEdit

There are some dumb peeps who think Eggman was Humpty Dumpty.

Reasons for:

Duuuuuuuh!!! If his name's Eggman, he's obviously Humpty Dumpty!! Duuuuuuh!

Reasons against:

All the for reasons were written by a retard (no offence to people with mental problems, I wouldn't associate the idiot with you).

Eggman isn't an egg. Even a walking, talking egg. Hell, he isn't even shaped like and egg!

Did Humpty Dumpty ever build copious amounts of robots to take over the world, but epicly PHAIL by some stupid blue hedgehog? I think NOT!

==Eggman's Favourite Meal

and catchphrase Edit


You. and cheese-its eggmans catchphrase PINGASPINGASPINGAS PINGAS and NONONO NO

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