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Chronic the Hedgehog is a hedgehog who has Some of the BEST Weed/Marijuana a Hedgehog can get. While Sonic is busy running mile after mile, Chronic is laid back smoking joint after joint! SPARK IT UP!!.


Dr. DEZ was trying to clone Sonic after putting him into a Tetrahydrocannabinol cloning tank, but things weren't as they seem. Suddenly, just miliseconds before Dr.DEZ was about 2 flip the switch he accidentally knocks over a glass of Pink Lemonade all over the controls as his Grand Dad walks into the room, The Machine started prematurely and ultimately compromised the outcome of the cloning! At that exact moment, Sonic sneezes and gets his snot all over the inside of the machine. The DNA from his snot combines with the DNA in his blood to create Chronic The Hedgehog. Ultimately things didn't end up so bad after all. Sonic & Chronic end up being best of friends! One is Sober and the other is High! One is Fast and the other is Slow! THE END.